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For your encouragement or general interest, we present to you the following recent agency deals of which we are very proud. We'll update you with the latest as often as we can.
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pire, police officer Jak Cato must protect a high-ranking official from a sadistic empath capable of assuming the shape of any living creature including Jak himself, North American rights to Ginjer Buchanan of Berkley.
- Bestselling author Kim Harrison (DEAD WITCH WALKING and sequels including her debut hardcover FOR A FEW DEMONS MORE) launches a young adult series with a trilogy featuring Madison Avery, the winning protagonist introduced in a story for a forthcoming anthology PROM NIGHTS FROM HELL, world rights to Farrin Jacobs of HarperTeen.
• September 2009 - Audio - Tarnsman of Gor, the first novel in John Norman's bestselling 27-volume Gorean fal Romance - Lessons in French by multiple Rita Award-winning historical romance novelist Laura Kinsale, set in the English countryside, features a dashing roguish Frenchman and his childhood sweetheart separated by her father and now fatefully thrown together when all hope of a happy reunion is past, plus reissue of an early Kinsale favorite, Uncertain Magic, NA rights to Deb Werksman of Sourcebooks Casablanca.
• May 2009 - Debut Novel - New York Social Diary contributing editor, CEO of wealth management firm Lebenthal & Co., and active figure on the NY social scene, Alexandra Lebenthal, with her debut novel, telling the story of four Manhattan socialites whose perfect Upper East Side lives get turned upside down when the economiks Jabberwocky.
• March 2009 - Romantic Suspense - Four romantic suspense novels by New York Times bestselling author Beverly Barton (The Murder Game) in a major deal, world rights to John Scognamiglio of Kensington.
• March 2009 - Science Fiction - An untitled thriller by multiple award-winning science fiction author Greg Bear (City at the End of Time) set in the coldest, darkest reaches of the universe, to DongWon Song at Orbit for publication in Fall of 2010 in a two book North American rights deal.
• December 2008 - Historical Romance - In Three Graces by Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award-winning historical romance author Jennifer Blake, treachery, lechery and debauchery tempt three young women at the court of Henry VII, world English rights to Susan Swinwood of Mira.
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• February 2008 - Fantasy - In the satirical fantasy novel Hell Can Wait by Theodore Judson, a Roman general stuck in Limbo because clerks lost his paperwork is given a second chance to find happiness in an American town, US rights to Brian Hades of Edge/Tesseract.
• February 2008 - Childrens Books - Richard Curtis clinched a blockbuster multibook deal with Simon & Schuster for D. J. MacHale, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Pendragon series. The deal encompasses two trilogies, a four book series and two picture books to be published over an eight-year span under the Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers imprint. Over three million copies of Pendragon are currently in print, and graphic novels and other spinoff books are on the way. The tenth and climactic book will be published in Summer 2009. North American rights. British and translation rights handled by Baror International, film and television rights by The Gotham Group.
• January 2008 - Science Fiction - Three new sequels to Rogue Clone by Steven Kent extend to seven the military science fiction novels in the series featuring galactic marine Wayson Harris, a clone warrior who breaks away from the pack, acquired by Anne Sowards of Berkley.
• December 2007 - Historical Romance (Reissue) - SEIZE THE FIRE, PRINCE OF MIDNIGHT, and MIDSUMMER MOON, three historical romances by Rita award winner Laura Kinsale, for reissue by Deb Werksman of SourceBooks.
• December 2007 - Fantasy - In HEART OF THE RONIN by Travis Heermann, a young masterless samurai, or ronin, wanders across a mythical Japan seeking the monstrous murderer of his father, to John Helfers of Five Star.
• December 2007 - Environment - The Tropical Rainforest: A World Survey of Our Most Valuable Endangered Habitat With a Blueprint for Its Survival, a sumptuously illustrated (300 color photos) survey of rain forest ecology and a program for reversing its destruction, with introductions by the Dalai Lama, Jane Goodall, and Robert Redford, acquired for world rights reissue by Allen Chips of Transpersonal Publishing.
• November 2007 - Thriller - In THE DARK OF DAY by Barbara Parker, national media descend on a high-profile criminal defense attorney after a young woman vanishes from a celebrity-studded South Beach party, North American rights to Roger Cooper of Vanguard Press, audio rights to Jeffrey Golick of BBC Audiobooks America. British and translation rights handled by Danny Baror.
• November 2007 - HEALTH AND MEDICINE - CRAVE: WHY YOU BINGE AND HOW YOU CAN STOP by Dr. Cynthia Bulik, an eating disorders expert offers comforting news and a proven practical program for women and men vulnerable to out-of-control eating, North American rights at auction to Jacqueline Johnson of Bloomsbury.
• June 2007 - Fantasy - In The Shadowed Path, a new fantasy trilogy by Morgan Howell (Queen of the Orcs), a man devoted to the goddess Karm purchases her incarnation as a slave, to Betsy Mitchell of Del Rey.
• June 2007 - Sex Guide - THE SEX BIBLE FOR WOMEN and THE ORGASM LOOP by sexologist Susan Crain Bakos, followups to her THE SEX BIBLE, ar-Collins (STANDING BEAR IS A PERSON), reconstructs the desperate, bloody and costly private war between robber baron Cornelius Vanderbilt and adventurer William Walker for control over Nicaraguan territory earmarked for a canal, world rights to Bob Pigeon of Perseus.
• May 2007 - Romance - In an untitled trilogy of sexy, funny romances by Heidi Betts, an Anything-You-Can-Do-I-Can-Do-Better guy challenges the heroine in a domain sacred to females, world rights to Rose Hilliard of St. Martins Press.
• April 2007 - Thriller - Multiple award-winning Dan Simmons, author of the Little, Brown bestseller The Terror, has signed with Little, Brown and Orbit for two new untitled historical thrillers and Flashback, a novel of the near future, in a major deal with Reagan Arthur and Tim Holman respectively. North American rights only.
• March 2007 - Health and Medicine - Bestselling Park Avenue diet doctor Jana Klauer, MD will follow up How the Rich Get Thin with an as-yet untitled book revealing how the rich maintain youthful energy and vigor, North American rights to Elizabeth Beier of St. Martins.
• February 2007 - Film Deal - CUPIDITY by Caroline Goode, in which the aging Greek god of love (now a Danny DeVito lookalike) comes out of retirement to help out a lonely high school girl, optioned to Jim Henson Productions by Eli Kirschner of Created By on behalf of Richard Curtis
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• December, 2006 - Sex Guide - INSATIABLE by Susan Crain Bakos (author of What Men Really Want) teaches couples how to maximize their lovemaking, to Quiver/Fair Winds Press
• December, 2006 - Audio - Hugo and Nebula-Award winner Greg Bear's near-future thriller QUANTICO, pitting three young FBI agents against a home-grown terrorist, to Jeff Golick of BBC America Audio.
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• April 2006 - Film Deal - In RUNNING SCARED by Linda Ladd, a mother of an adopted infant must use all her mountaineering skills to escape the men who want the baby back, to Lynn Holst of RHI Entertainment.
• March, 2006 - Fantasy - Multiple award-winning Australian science fiction writer Sean Williams, BROKEN LAND, a fantasy trilogy for young readers set in a post-apocalyptic future inhabited by ghosts with attitude and giant spiders, Australia/New Zealand rights to Lisa Berryman of HarperCollins.
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• October 2005 - Nonfiction - Sexologist Susan Crain Bakos (SEXATIONAL SECRETS), THE SEX BIBLE, a lavish photographically illustrated compendium of tips, toys, techniques, resources and positions, world rights to Wendy Gardner of Quayside Publishing Group for its new sex imprint, "Quiver", which will focus on erotic books and kits, by Richard Curtis of Richard Curtis Associates.
• September 2005 - Science Fiction - In CITY AT THE END OF TIME, Hugo and Nebula award-winning science fiction master Greg Bear transports readers to Earth's final city at the terminus of time, where humanity fightscataclysmic weapon, to Julie Barrett for Harlequin/Silhouette's Bombshell line.
• June 2005 - Mystery - Three new thrillers by Sonja Massie writing as G. K. McKevett will bring to 14 the titles in her series about voluptuous private investigator Savannah Reid, whose food cravings come second only to her appetite for adventure, world rights to John Scognamiglio of Kensington Books by Richard Curtis of Richard Curtis Associates.
• June 2005 - Romance - In THE SECOND MRS. RAMSEY by Heidi Betts, the first novel oished his Constitutional right to sue in Federal court, optioned to screenwriters Alex Coscas and Joseph Kelbey by Michael Prevett of Relevant Entertainment on behalf of Richard Curtis Associates.
• May 2005 - Business and Leadership - In ORDINARY TO EXTRAORDINARY leadership guru Stephen H. Baum and business writer (and former HarperBusiness Executive Editor) Dave Conti reveal the crucial life experiences that enabled key business leaders to break away from the pack and become the icons they are today, to John Mahaney of Crown Business by Richard Curtis of Richard Curtis Associates.
• May, 2005 - Contemporary Thriller - In THE WINTERHAVEN SOLUTION by Beth Asher, a beautiful pianist trying to understand the vicious murder of her sister stumbles upon a covert hate organization and realizes it can happen here and indeed is happening in her Southern California backyard, to Roger Cooper of iBooks by Richard Curtis of Richard Curtis Associates, Inc.
• May 2005 - Romantic Fantasy - In her new romantic fantasy trilogy CHILDREN OF THE SUN, Linda Winstead-Jones takes up the tale of the generation following the protagonists of her B&N Romance Bestseller-listed trilogy SISTERS OF THE SUN, to Christine Zika of Berkley. The first-born children of the Fyne witches find love whiance Audio.
• October, 2004 - Nonfiction - FAIR USE by Lee Wilson, an authoritative guide for those perplexed about the intricacies and subtleties of permissions and copyright law, to Tad Crawford of Allworth Press.
• October, 2004 - Audio - LONE CALDER STAR by Janet Dailey, audio rights to the latest novel in the long-running Calder family saga, to Jeffrey Golick of BBC Audiobooks America.
• October, 2004 - Fantasy Story Collection - DEATHBIRD STORIES, award-winning fantasist Harlan Ellison's most famous story collection, to Andrew Wheeler of Science Fiction Book Club for inclusion in its Fiftieth Anniversary Collection, and to Bill Schafer of Subterranean Press for a limited edition.
• October, 2004 - Military Science Fiction - THE CLONE REPUBLIC, videogame authority Steven L. Kent's first novel plus a sequel, launching a Heinleinesque military science fiction series about an army of clones and the recruit hero who realizes he may not be one of them, to John Morgan of Ace Books.
• August, 2004 - Audio - Barbara Parker, SUSPICION OF RAGE, audio rights to the forthcoming Dutton/NAL thriller, to Jeffrey Golick of BBC Audiobooks America, by Richard Curtis.
• August, 2004 - Illustrated Book - D. J. MacHale, THE TERRITORIES OF HALLA - Mystery Series - Angela Henry's Writer's Digest Award-Winning novel, THE COMPANY YOU KEEP, and two sequels in a new mystery series featuring African-American teacher and restaurant hostess Kendra Clayton, to Glenda Howard at BET Books/Sepia, by Richard Curtis.
• May, 2004 - Diet Book - Elizabeth Beier of St. Martin's has pre-empted THE PARK AVENUE DIET by Jana Klauer MD, a physician, physical therapist and national director of nutrition for the Equinox Fitness Clubs. In her book Dr. Klauer shares her Upper East Side secrets for a sleek, chic shape.
• January 2004 - Motion Picture - Dan Simmons's science fiction novel ILIUM, a literary science fiction tale spanning 5,000 years from the Trojan War to a high-tech future, and its forthcoming sequel OLYMPOS, optioned to Digital Domain and Barnet Bain Films, by Richard Curtis and Michael Prevett at The Firm, with Molly Hansen negotiating on behalf of Digital Domain.
• December 2003 - Romance - Richard Curtis has sold romance author Heidi Betts' MOST ELIGIBLE DADDY to Melissa Jeglinski of Harlequin for the "Desire" Line. Three out of print novels by the author will be reissued by E-Reads, the e-book publisher administered by Richard Curtis Associates.
• December, 2003 - Science Fiction/Fantasy Reissues - Richard Curtis has arranged for IBooks to reissue a number of out of print novels by leading authors in the fantasy and science fiction fields: PSYCHLONE and BEAR'S FANTASIES by Greg Bear; Elizabeth Lynn's Chronicles of Tornor trilogy (WATCHTOWER, DANCERS OF ARUN, NORTHERN GIRL); FROM A CHANGELING STAR and its sequel DOWN THE STREAM OF STARS by Jeffrey Carver; and R. A. MacAvoy's fantasy trilogy LENS OF THE WORLD, KING OF THE DEAD, and BELLY OF THE WOLF. E-book editions of these books are or will be on sale at, the electronic books retail site administered by Richard Curtis Associates.
• December, 2003 - Romance - Richard Curtis has made a deal with Christine Zika of Berkley for a historical fantasy romance trilogy by Linda Winstead Jones, with the series title SISTERS OF THE SUN, to be published in 2005.
• December, 2003 - Romance - Richard Curtis has sold Susan Spencer Paul's COUNTING THE STARS, a fantasy romance set in the Regency period, and two sequels, to Monique Patterson of St. Martin's Press.
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• November, 2003 - Fantasy - Richard Curtis has arranged with editor of Wizards of the Coast for author Adrian Cole to write the launch novel for a new fantasy series, Eberron.
• November, 2003 - Nonfiction - Richard Curtis has negotiated a deal with Rodale for Runaway Eating, a book about adult eating disorders written by expert Cynthia Bulik with Nadine Taylor.
• November, 2003 - Science Fiction -
• June, 2003 - Non-Fiction - Richard Curtis has negotiated a deal with Tami Booth of Rodale for WHY MEN NEVER REMEMBER AND WOMEN NEVER FORGET BY Marianne Legato, MD. Dr. Legato is director of The Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine at Columbia University and a pioneer in this hot new science. Her latest book reveals how differences in the neurology of male and female brains explain many puzzling differences in their communications styles and behavior.
• June, 2003 - Westerns - Westerns are alive and well and sitting tall in the saddle at Richard Curtis Associates. Curtis negotiated a trilogy called Sharpshooters by Tobi
• May, 2003 - Romance - Richard Curtis has optioned SILVER WINGS, SANTIAGO BLUE by Janet Dailey to Jim McCullough Productions for development as a feature-length film.
• May, 2003 - Movie - Village Roadshow Pictures has optioned Blood for Dignity: The Story of the First Integrated Combat Unit in the U. S. Army by David P. Colley via Richard Curtis, who also negotiated a technical consultancy for the author.
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• May, 2003 - Fantasy - Richard Curtis sold historical novel THE AMAZON AND THE WARRIOR by Judith Hand to Greg Cox of Tor.
• May, 2003 - Biography - Richard Curtis has sold A HOLLYWOOD FAMILY, a memoir by the late John Meredyth Lucas, stepson of flamboyant director Michael Curtiz, to Gary Mitchem of McFarland Publishers. The author died shortly after completing his book.

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